Tennessee Economic Investments

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For months, Governor Lee and the Financial Stimulus Accountability Group (FSAG) have heard from various state departments and agencies on how they could utilize federal funds produced by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA). In early October, the “Tennessee Resiliency Plan (TRP)” was published by the FSAG outlining their proposal for expending Tennessee’s ARPA funds, which totals $3.725 billion.

Some of the most notable items included in the FSAG’s proposal are:

$1.351 billion for water and wastewater infrastructure enhancements
$500 million for broadband infrastructure
$300 million reserved for further planning for state managed health capital projects
$275 million reserved for future external relief
$200 million for a new state public health laboratory
$128 million for local health department capital investments
$110 million for the hospital staffing assistance program

Statutorily, the funds must comply with the following criteria: respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and its negative economic impact, (ii) provide premium pay to essential workers, (iii)supply government services to the extent the government has experienced a revenue reduction relative to the previous fiscal year, and (iv) investments in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure. The FSAG received public comment through October 30th, and they are expected to present a revised version of the plan in the coming weeks.

The full Tennessee Resiliency Plan may be accessed here.

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