About Us

About Us

Built from scratch through determination, passion, and ambition, McMahan Winstead & Richardson is one of the most respected lobbying groups in Nashville, TN. Each day, decisions are made in the halls of the Capitol, which significantly impact how Tennessee businesses operate. We were founded on the principles of giving our clients the strongest voice on Capitol Hill, being a trustworthy source for officials, and simplifying the process of working with the government. Our ethos and structure eliminate the barriers of entry for those who choose to participate in the governmental process. Let us assist you in amplifying your voice to influence legislative changes today.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide our clients an unrivaled level of effort and dedication to meet their goals.


The largest contributing factor to our firm’s success has been our effort. We vow to give 110% to our clients 100% of the time.


As one of the oldest lobbying firms in Tennessee, we have an unmatched level of knowledge to achieve our client’s goals.


We make every effort to maintain the closest and most important relationships in Nashville and Washington for our clients.


Ethics is the most important value for a lobbyist's longevity. We believe once somebody loses another's trust, it can never be regained.

Stories of Interest

Here are some valuable contributions on how our team has helped shape public policy for our clients, including corporations, nonprofits, interest groups, and corporations, as shared below:

legislative chambers for TN

Why McMahan Winstead & Richardson?

Over 3,500 bills are filed during each General Assembly. Without sufficient staff and resources, there is no way that every legislator can be an expert on every issue.

We are a valuable resource to legislators. Let us become a valuable resource for you – no one works harder or smarter, and we’ll give you 110%, 100% of the time