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“Change is one constant in life”

It’s a cliché that certainly rings true these days, especially in the world of business. And with proper preparation, change is good.


Our government leaders and representatives need to have access to a team of advocates that can help them sort through large volumes of data and conflicting interests. We are those advocates.

Bill Monitoring and Tracking

Our clients need updates on the status of the bills that affect them. We follow these crucial pieces of legislation from drafting to passing and we keep you up to date.


The wheels of government can be very complex, especially when taking into account the different interests involved. We make it our priority to help our clients navigate these complexities.

Legislation Drafting

Writing a bill is very time consuming and complicated. It requires a deep legal background and a high attention to detail. We help our clients draft bills that meet their needs.

PAC Management

Managing a PAC is a complex endeavor that requires a depth of knowledge and attention to detail. Our experienced team is able to help you manage your PAC knowing it is operating properly and ethically.


Transacting with the government has many details and potential pitfalls that can damage experienced and inexperienced business alike. We are able to help you navigate those complicated waters and act as an advocate for your business.

About Us

McMahan Winstead and Richardson is a Nashville-based government relations and lobbying powerhouse committed to helping nonprofits and corporations enhance legislative awareness and influence policy. We are known for transforming challenges into opportunities. For our team, only superior results matter. That’s why we deliver integrated solutions you require to be successful. And we have statistics to prove it.

Over 3,500 pieces of legislation are introduced in each General Assembly, equating to nearly 40 bills per legislative day for members to review, which is impossible.

That is why lobbyists are some of the most vital resources for legislators.

We offer full-suite lobbying and advocacy services, including but not limited to legislative drafting, procurement, PAC management, consulting and advocacy, bill monitoring, and tracking.

Anybody can advocate their positions with legislators. However, the relationships we have forged over the years have provided our voice great validity and trust. Furthermore, our expertise of regulatory and legislative bodies allow us to represent your stance to the appropriate parties in the most effective way possible.

Lobbying is crucial because it aids in preventing the government from enacting legislation that may jeopardize your life, livelihood, or business. Without it, governments would struggle to solve the numerous competing interests of their citizens.

We represent a diverse range of interests. With over 90 years of combined experience, we have represented every industry at one point or another, thus giving us a specialty in every industry!

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