Alcohol and Tobacco Lobbying

Alcohol and Tobacco Lobbying

The Tobacco and Alcohol industries have become some of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Tennessee is home to some of the largest alcohol and tobacco companies in the world.

Given Tennessee’s global impact in the alcohol and tobacco industries, McMahan Winstead & Richardson’s decades of experience representing alcohol and tobacco clients has positioned the firm as a national leader in alcohol and tobacco policy.

Most recently, the firm made national headlines in 2014 when founding partner, David McMahan, led negotiations for wine to be sold in Tennessee grocery stores (Source).

Why McMahan Winstead & Richardson?

Over 3,500 bills are filed during each General Assembly. Without sufficient staff and resources, there is no way that every legislator can be an expert on every issue.

We are a valuable resource to legislators. Let us become a valuable resource for you – no one works harder or smarter, and we’ll give you 110%, 100% of the time