Legislation Drafting

photo of TN State Capitol at night

With achieving client’s goals topping our list of objectives, legislation drafting is one of the most vital components for our clients to achieve their goals. We work closely with the Attorney General’s office, Tennessee General Assembly’s Office of Legal Services, legislators, stakeholders, among all other appropriate parties to draft the most effective legislative language. Having contributed to countless pages of legislation over the years, we possess an immense knowledge and understanding of drafting legislation to meet all our client’s goals.

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Why McMahan Winstead & Richardson?

Over 3,500 bills are filed during each General Assembly. Without sufficient staff and resources, there is no way that every legislator can be an expert on every issue.

We are a valuable resource to legislators. Let us become a valuable resource for you – no one works harder or smarter, and we’ll give you 110%, 100% of the time