Our Clients

McMahan, Winstead & Richardson has successfully represented a variety of clients regarding a vast number of issues effecting our state, our country and the global marketplace. Our firm represents many diverse clients, including leaders in the financial services industry, healthcare organizations, key education partners, innovative environmental companies and association management groups.

McMahan, Winstead & Richardson has played an active and critical role in several major ,and sometimes controversial, initiatives on behalf of our clients.  For example, we have proudly represented Philip Morris for nearly two decades during the tobacco cessation initiatives.   Our firm served as a cornerstone in the efforts which secured the move of the Tennessee Titans NFL franchise to the State of Tennessee.  Also, due to the passage of revolutionary legislation relative to financial lending, McMahan, Winstead & Richardson sparked the creation of a successful industry, not only in the State of Tennessee but across our entire country.

Our firm has successfully taken on large corporations on behalf of clients representing industries in volatile situations in both the State and Federal arena, all the while preserving the integrity of our clients, their industry and our firms credibility.  The professional relationships that McMahan, Winstead & Richardson has worked so hard to create and maintain, have facilitated the passage of major policy reform initiatives.

McMahan, Winstead & Richardson represents the best clients.  Clients we can honestly help.

McMahan, Winstead & Richardson delivers 100% effort, 100% of the time.

For a full list of our current clients please visit the Tennessee Ethics Commission website.